Monday, March 2, 2015


We were asked by a media outlet to list what we thought were the 5 most concerns facing the American people. We may not all agree, and that is okay. Here is what we sent them.

1. The natural resources of America are being stolen from the people and claimed by the federal government. Everything we eat, wear, live in, use and so on comes from the earth. If we lose access to the land and natural resources we become beggars to those who have access. Without doubt this is the greatest immediate threat to the individual person and people as a whole. More lives, liberties and property can be taken under this threat than any other we see.

2. Militarization of bureaucracies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 6 times more ammo (per person) in 2013 than the Department of Defense (DOD), Why? Even the Department of Education (DOE) has a swat team, Why? Over the past 25 years bureaucracies have been building an army inside the boarders of this country. Why? Clue; It is not to defend the people from outside threats.

3. Government becoming more and more the taker of rights rather than the defender of rights. The only reason we the people formed government is to protect each individuals rights. Now governments have become the primary taker of rights in direct conflict with the very purpose of its existence. We find more and more that in order to keep rights the people are being forced to defend them themselves. Helping people understand the true purpose of government and what they must do to maintain rights is important.

4. Federal, Federal, Federal. The federal government has manipulated every State and County with federal funding and contracts. Our States and Counties have become slaves because of the contracts they sign to get funds from the federal government. When the federal government turns on the people, the State and the Counties do not defend the people because they are fearful of losing funding. If the people are to get protection from local government (the whole purpose) then the local governments must be free from federal contracts and funds.

5. Lack of Courage. It take Courage not congress to defend rights. Government is not the problem or the solution, it is the courage of the American people. People must be willing to Claim their rights, Use their rights and Defend their rights no matter the cost, this takes courage. It appears that America may have a courage problem.

There you have it,
The Bundy Family

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Monday, February 16, 2015



The Bundy family and many others have been working on a Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill (NRR).  This bill will make it possible for the people to clearly claim their rights to the resources in Nevada and have a way to file them on state and county records.  It encourages the use of these rights and protects them by state law.

There is continually more and more evidence that federal bureaucracies are seeking to take the natural resources away from the people, to fund their growth and expand their influence.  In the Nevada Water Right's Registry alone, the BLM is claiming hundreds of water rights that were once owned by the people.  Some of these water rights are designated for stock-watering and once were the ranchers used for grazing.  After removing the rancher, the BLM filed with the State, claimed them, and then leased them back to the people for monetary benefit. In this same attempt, last April the BLM began destroying the water infrastructures on the Bundy ranch. 

We also found that when property is purchased in Nevada, in the fine print of the purchase contract the people are tricked into signing away any minerals or resources found on their private property to the federal government.  We are unsure about the origins of how this was put in the contracts but it is no accident that federal bureaucrats are the beneficiary of this fine print.  It also reaffirms the intent of the feds to take the natural resources from the people. 

The latest terminology being used by the federal government to claim the resources has to do with private property, they call it "Split Estate".  Split Estate is were the federal government claims ownership to the resources on and under private property, and the property owner only has rights to limited benefit from the land.  The BLM office in Montana even published a brochure informing the private property owners that the federal government owns the minerals found on or under their property, and if it is to be harvested the proceeds must go to them.  Just another example of this deliberate grab for the people's resources.

In 1994 the Feds took over the Nevada mining claim process and ended any new claims.  Since then they have abolished most of the pre-existing claims and have only allowed large corporations that will pay huge dividends to file new claims.  Access to the minerals by the people is almost nonexistent in Nevada.  Nevada was once known for it's open access to mining, its nick name is the Silver State. 

A short mention of the 3.1 million acres of Southern Nevada that the BLM is proposing to turn into Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) would be in order.  ACEC's are human restricted areas.  As soon as the BLM check all the boxes to file it in the federal registry the Southern Nevada people will have less access to their lands and resources than any other people in the history of this country.  ACEC are consistently being used by federal agencies as an excuse to remove the rightful owners from the land, eliminating any competition to the resources.  A ACEC have proven to have very little (if anything) to do with protecting the environment. 

The Nevadan's Resource Rights Bill (NRR) puts the resources back in the people's hands, where they belong and where they are most safe.  Everything we eat, live in, wear, drive, use and so on, comes from the earth.  If the people cannot claim, harvest and renew the resources then we become subject to those that can.  I do not wish to sound as a conspirator, but the facts are alarming and the consequences will be hard to imagine if the people lose their rights to the resources and federal bureaucracies become the beneficiaries of them.

This bill is being sponsored by some very tenacious state legislatures that see the true picture.  It is also already getting opposition by state and federal bureaucracies who will lose money and influence because of it.  We will need your help and voice if it is to pass. Even if you do not live in Nevada your voice and efforts will be needed. 

These acts in plundering land and resources are occurring all over the country, not just in the west.  Our intent is to get this bill passed in Nevada and then persuade the surrounding states to adopt it as well.  To preserve and restore the resources in the peoples hands where they have been throughout most of the history of this country, and where they are most safe, is our priority. 

PLEASE BE READY TO ACT. I will inform you when it is time.

Thank you,
Ammon Bundy 

"Act, or be a acted upon"


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Saturday, January 31, 2015


To all of you who seem to enjoy reading and commenting about my family, the Cliven Bundy family, whether you think of us as positive or negative, I would like to say a few things.  My family took a constitutional stand last April, a stand against a federal government that is out of control.  We stood in the face of at least 200-armed men, hired by the federal government to destroy our way of life and our liberty.  What kind of government will allow armed men hired by the BLM, to point their guns at a family that is defending their established water and other rights? And then continue to point their guns at thousand of other Americans that came and stood with us? OUR RIGHTS ARE DOCUMENTED IN NEVADA RECORDS AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED BY THE STATE OF NEVADA AGINATS FEDERAL OVERREACH AND FORCE. When should a state allow the federal government to “manage” their lands?  The BLM tried to “manage” my family out of business, just like they did all my neighbors.

Now for the momma bear instincts!  I have an amazing family.  I have stood in awe and admiration as I have watched my family act and react to the course of events that have unraveled this past year.  We are a normal family with an ordinary life and normal problems, we have been thrust into the limelight that makes our ordinary life and problems hit the headlines of the news and social media almost daily. My family does so much good and we are always ready to help anyone in need.  We live modestly and enjoy being together as a family.  I am sad that media and the press seem to relish in all the problems and seem to want to drag my family down and make us look like a bunch of unintelligent radicals that do not listen to anyone or obey any laws. That is just not so.  My family loves this country.  My family loves God.  We long for peace and tranquility.  And understand the need for law.  We are not that type of people the media would like the world to believe.

Momma Carol Bundy

Friday, January 30, 2015

National Defense Medal

I gave my National Defense Medal to Mr. Cliven Bundy this evening. He was very touched by it. I gave it to him in honor of his brave stance. He not only stood up against tyranny for his family, his ranch, fellow ranchers and fellow Nevadans, but on behalf of all freedom loving Americans who are tired of this massive and corrupt central government. He truly emulates what it is to be awarded the medal for National Defense. I have no doubt in my mind that it is the most fitting and appropriate gift I could bestow upon this great man that history has to offer. That family, the Bundy's are truly amazing and Cliven, the patriarch, is such a sweet man. He stood up in defense of all of us and I am more than grateful and appreciative for the stance he has taken and continuously takes. Special shout out to Booda. Glad I met you friend. You are amazing for sticking by the Bundy's for this long and providing the necessary security Mr. Bundy needs and deserves. 


This touched us to the deepest of our feelings. The men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our rights of freedom continue to amaze us. It is a honor to have their honor.


Just so everyone knows, after Ryan spend the night in jail, the next day the judge got him out and apologized for the courts and the officers actions.

What is wrong with our police departments? Must they do everything with excessive force? If they had a problem with Ryan why didn't they just talk to him about it. Pouncing up a man with out explanation, deserve resistance. And if you are saying "But they are the police" you need to think those thoughts through.

People are people, and the way we treat others should not change just because we may be vested with authority. Men and women that are officers of the law have an equal obligation to respect other people not mistreat them as lesser than themselves.

The training the police have been receiving over the past 25 years needs to to be rejected and thrown into the garbage. If not, it will continue to create a devastating devision in this county. Andy Griffin must be restored as the model. Respect and protect.

All men are equal and all have the right to be treated with dignity, both police and civilian.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s oldest son, was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly got into a scuffle with Iron County Sheriff’s deputies when they tried to serve him with a warrant.

Ryan Bundy, 42, who has property in Cedar City, was approached by deputies on his way out of court Tuesday after he had appeared in Iron County Justice Court for an unrelated 2013 incident where he was charged with a class B misdemeanor for responsibility for a nuisance.
“I got a summons to go to court in Cedar City on some kind of nuisance charge,” Ryan Bundy, of Bunkerville, Nevada, said during an interview Wednesday. “It (the paperwork) says it stems from having a vehicle stored on my property without proper registration. I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.”
Authorities said the warrant was for failing to appear in a 2014 case where Ryan Bundy was charged with interfering with an animal control officer.
Ryan Bundy is the oldest of Cliven Bundy’s 14 children.
Cliven Bundy is the Bunkerville rancher who became a political celebrity because of his April feud and standoff with the Bureau of Land Management.
When told about the warrant, Bundy “both verbally and physically resisted the deputies’ attempts to take him into custody,” said Iron County Sheriff’s Sgt. Nik Johnson.
It took several deputies to get the situation under control, said Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower.
“At that time he (Ryan Bundy) told officers ‘that’s not going to happen today.’ He immediately began fighting with them,” Gower said. “It took several deputies but they were able to overcome him and arrested him.”
Deputy Kellen Hudson suffered minor injuries but is reported to be OK, Gower said.
Ryan Bundy said “all of a sudden they bring up some other charge, some interfering charge, from a couple of years ago or something. I didn’t recognize what they were talking about.”
“They asked me to make some kind of a plea or something and I said I’m not going to plead to anything until I know what it’s all about so they threw me in jail,” Bundy said. “Anyway, so I see the judge today (Wednesday) and she just said ‘Oh, we’re sorry,” and then they just let me go.”
Bundy said the court set a date he has to appear.
“When it comes right down to it, I don’t know what they’re talking about and I don’t think they do either,” he said.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Flight Experience on January 17, 2015

Many have advised me not to fly, and not to subject myself to these action. I appreciate their concern, however I do not agree. The fact that our government is willing to condemn its citizens and negatively effect them for life, with out prosecution or even charges, needs to be meet head on, not hidden. If a people do not check their government, history proves that that government will eventually put those very people in bondage or worse. Hiding behind a steering wheel because I am too afraid or too proud to fly will not help anything or anyone.

 Before reading, I want everyone who may read these word to know that I love this county so very much. I speak reverently about those that have fought in the past and those that continue to fight for our freedoms. I feel compelled to stand where I can, so their sacrifices do not go in vain, and so our children can enjoy the same freedoms we have enjoyed. I know the Lord lives and He established this nation to be an example of freedom. I also know that when we stand for whats right the Lord protects and sustains us.


Yesterday morning I flew out of Sky Harbor Int. Airport (Phoenix) to McCareen Int. Airport (Las Vegas) and then flew back to Phoenix later that evening. I used to be able to print my boarding pass from home but since April 2014 I have had to go to the airport to print it. This alone informs me that I am going to have trouble. At the first check point in Phoenix the agent saw the SSSS on the barding pass, stopped the line and called for a supervising agent to come.

After a few minutes a level two agent confiscated my belongings, watched me while I took everything off but my pants, shirt and socks, and escorted me through the security check point and over to a disclosed location. They began to go through my belongings pulling them out of the bags and inspecting each item. Another agent began to frisk me, patting every part of my body both front and back. He also took his hands and stuck them down my waist line checking the entire waist line. Every time they do this I feel violated. I was primarily silent until the level three agent said he was going to confiscated my phone. It was not charged and would not turn on during their inspection. I told them that I would not let them confiscate it and expressed simple distaste for the fact that every-time I fly I have to go though this. I informed him that I have been put on some terrorist list for standing for what is right. The level three agent seemed surprised and looked at my barding pass reading my name, he pulled his head back and said OH.

He then told me that he was going to have to escort me out of security. On the way out I expressed to him that this is an example of what Americans get when they stand against something very wrong. He said that he agreed with the Bundy family but with all the bad people in this world, his job is to keep us safe. I insured him, that a bad person could easily get past their security, and the only people they are restricting are the good people.

Outside security I charged my phone and then got back in line. While in line one of the TSA agents went around whispering to each of the other agents discreetly looking at me each time. Right before I reached the first check point they changed agents from a women to a man. As I came up he called for a level two agent, we waited for approximately five minutes, the people behind me seemed bothered and concerned to why this guy in the cowboy hat was being singled out.

Finally an agent came and confiscated my belongings and the whole process was repeated over again, including the frisking, hands down my pants and all. When they were done The same third level agent began to interrogate me wanting to know personal information. I told him that I would not give him those answers and the they either had let me go through or kick me out again. I warned him that I would be back with news reporters if they kicked me out. He pressed a bit more but could tell that I was feed up.

He then left me and went across the ares and began to speak with a level four agent about my refusal. The level four agent picked up a phone and began to talk to (I assume) a level five agent. I put my clothes back on, grabbed my stuff and went over were the conversations were going on. The agent on the phone quickly walked away from the desk so I could not hear the conversation. After a short while the agent came back and insisted on getting the information they wanted. I told them that if they wanted my information then they should have keep it from the past three times I flew. The agent said that they did not have some "magic tricky box" that would retrieve it. I replied that they sure had a magic box that puts SSSS on my boarding pass every time I fly, requiring a grown man to stick his hands down my pants. The other agent asked if this was really worth it to me? I quickly replied, absolutely, when something is wrong and nobody does anything about it, wrong becomes normal.

 I then gave them the ultimatum to let me go or kick me out. The level four agent warned me that their may be recourse against me if I don’t not give them the information they wanted. I insured them that I was not afraid of what they may do to me. I then walked away, and they did not stop me. I barley made it to the gate in time. I was shaking, however, I felt a inner strength that I have felt many times before for doing what was right. When the Southwest lady scanned my ticket to board, the scan light changed to red and a short alarm came on. She was surprised, but reset the computer and let me on.


My flight to Vegas was normal, In Las Vegas I meet with several Nevada State legislatures for multiple hours. On the way back at the first check station the TSA agent looked at my boarding pass, she said to the other two other agents by her; "Bingo, this is a big one”. They then called for a supervising agent. When the agent came, the exact same process started over just like before, confiscation, hands down the pants, writing all over my barding pass and punching holes in it and so on. The only thing different this time is when the supervising agent came back to give me my barding pass (this is the point they normally begin interrogating) she handed the pass to me and said; it is wrong what they are doing to you guys, you can go. - By the way, she is an older black lady, as sweet as can be, and my respect for her is about as high as it gets. I just love people that will stand for what is right even if it might mean loosing a job or taking a great risk.

After being at gate B11 for about ten minutes, three TSA agents pushing a cart came directly to gate B11. It was just like the last time I flew out of Vegas. That time they searched me again right at the gate and in front of everyone. This time I was determined not be searched again. With my phone on video, I walked over to them and informed them that I knew they are here for me. One of the agents said okay. I then told them that I would not let them search me again, and told them not to even ask. (see video) They again replied, okay. After sitting down, two more agents came to the gate and they patrolled the gate the entire time I was there. When we started to board the TSA agents stood next to the line on both side but did not approach me.  When the gate attendant scanned my pass the same thing happened as before with the warning and the red light, all the other passengers beeped and had a green light. The rest of the flight was normal and I made it back to my wonderful Lisa and five children, including my nine day old son Elias.

Thank you,

Ammon Bundy
January 28, 2015

P.S. I fly again tomorrow, keep an eye out for me.
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